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Jeff Watlington
“Our business depends on our reputation and when you work with S.M. Lawrence, they not only do what they say they will do, they move your business ahead in the eyes of your client.”
-- Jeff Watlington | Watlington Brothers, Inc. General Contractors | Jackson, TN
David Taylor
“We select S.M. Lawrence for mechanical and electrical work all over the country. They will react to whatever the situation is, keep to a schedule and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.”
-- David Taylor | President & CEO | Forcum Lannom Contractors | Dyersburg, TN
Larry Rogers
“In this business your reputation is everything. S.M. Lawrence is a solid partner that we have confidence in to do it right.”
-- Larry Rogers | President & CEO | RFW Construction Group | Dyersburg, TN
Joe McGaugh
“We use S.M. Lawrence because they understand tight schedules, provide quality workmanship and they are there when we need them.”
-- Joe McGaugh | CEO | Continental Construction | Memphis, TN
Joe Kushner
“S.M. Lawrence went above and beyond what was required and counseled us on things we might like to do before we thought of it. It was very helpful to have all these needs anticipated. I highly recommend S.M. Lawrence as a primary electrical and mechanical contractor because of the service and first rate people they provide.”
-- Joe Kushner | Assistant Plant Manager | Skyline Steel | Luka, MS
Rick McWhirt
“We hired S.M. Lawrence and don't worry how or will it be done, they just do it. They are truly our ace up the sleeve. From installation to maintenance to all facets of plant ops - S.M. Lawrence is a one stop shop service provider.”
-- Rick McWhirt | President | Bekaert Corporation | Rogers, AR