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Trinity Marine Flood Reparations

Trinity Marine Flood Reparations

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Market: Industrial/Manufacturing
Location: Ashland City, TN


The Trinity Marine plant in Ashland City, Tennessee was in the midst of an emergency flood situation where water levels reached 10’ in the building. All production was shut down.  The owner needed the manpower and experience to respond quicky. Based on an existing relationship, they immediately contacted S.M. Lawrence to put their plant back online.


The S.M. Lawrence Team:

•   Worked long hours, 7 days a week, to put the plant back online. The plant was up and running within 47 days.

•   For insurance purposes, photographed and documented every unit replaced.

•   Replaced all switchgear, panel boards, disconnects, controls, starters, underground piping, process piping, HVAC, equipment and ductwork that was under water.

A Closer Look

S.M. Lawrence was awarded this 3.5MM job with general contractor RFW Construction based on a long-standing relationship with the owner. S.M. Lawrence was contracted to replace all damaged mechanical and electrical equipment that was affected by heavy flooding.

S.M. Lawrence worked long hours, 7 days a week to put the plant back online. The company was able to get the plant back up and running within 47 days. All switchgear, panel boards, disconnects, controls, starters, underground piping, process piping, HVAC equipment and ductwork that had been under water was replaced.

There was a composite effort from all S.M. Lawrence staff to maintain an effort to complete the project within the allotted timeframe. Due to the success with this project, S.M. Lawrence was contracted by the owner for an even bigger job in Caruthersville, Missouri.

Trinity Marine Product’s has the tagline, “Dependability, Quality, Sustainability.” It appears that Trinity Marine not only strives to provide these characteristics to their customers, but also expects the same for their partner - a standard that S.M. Lawrence/CSUSA has been able to meet repeatedly.