Pepsi Bottling Plant

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Industry: Industrial/Manufacturing


Pepsi was building a modern two-story office building with attached water purification and bottling plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The project had to be completed on a tight schedule during record high temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.   Pepsi needed an efficient and experienced mechanical partner.  S.M. Lawrence, a Comfort Systems USA (CSUSA) company, was ready to help.


The S.M. Lawrence Team:

•  Completed the work on schedule despite challenging conditions.

•  Battled through heat and challenging geological conditions for underground piping in order to satisfy Pepsi.

•  Won this work based on long-standing relationship with General Contractor, Gray Construction.

A Closer Look

S.M. Lawrence engaged in this $3.5MM project by receiving an invitation to competitively bid mechanical services to support a two-story office building and bottling plant.  Based on a long-standing relationship with the general contractor, S.M. Lawrence was awarded the job and teamed with Gray Construction in August 2007 to begin work on the 400,000 square foot facility.

The services provided by S.M. Lawrence included plumbing and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) for the modern, two-story office building and attached water purification and bottling plant.

S.M. Lawrence was required to work in record high temperatures of 110 degrees, with the underground piping work having to negotiate dense bedrock.  Every project presents a unique challenge that provides rewarding experiences for future jobs. The S.M. Lawrence team was able to battle through the heat and rock leaving Pepsi fully satisfied.