TPR Federal-Mogul Tennessee

Lawrenceburg, TN, United States
Industry: Industrial/Manufacturing


TPR Federal-Mogul Tennessee (TFT) was building a manufacturing plant in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and was faced with major time constraints—the project was to be completed within three months.  The short time frame was especially challenging considering this was a heavy concrete project where trenches and pits had to be installed and all trades were required to work around them.  TFT needed an efficient and experienced electrical partner.  S.M. Lawrence, a Comfort Systems USA (CSUSA) company, was ready to help.


The S.M. Lawrence Team:

• Completed the work within the given timeframe.  The General Contractor, Shimizu North America, actually noted it was the first time they had witnessed an electrical contractor finish the job before all other trades.

• Developed stronger relationships with both Shimizu and TFT due to this unique and challenging job.  This manufacturing facility was not typical; the equipment itself required medium voltage 13,200 volt 3-phase power.

• Won this work based on long-standing relationship with Shimizu North America.

A Closer Look

S.M. Lawrence was invited to competitively bid this $1.2MM project by the general contractor, Shimizu.  Based on a long-standing relationship with the general contractor, S.M. Lawrence was awarded the job and began work in 2012 at the automotive manufacturing facility in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

S.M. Lawrence provided medium and low voltage power distribution for an automobile manufacturing facility and was able to develop repeat business with the owner based on a timely finish.  This job was unique for S.M. Lawrence as this was not a typical manufacturing facility. The equipment itself required medium voltage 13,200 volt 3-phase power.

“There is a team approach to everything we do, especially in recruiting new industry to Lawrenceburg. We are dedicated to creating a competitive community that is going after companies we want here in Lawrenceburg. Once again it has served us well. The city stands ready to assist TFT with any issues during their growth and start-up process.  The announcement of TFT’s arrival to Lawrence County is not only exciting because of the jobs and their investment in our community, but it is an example of the forward movement our county is experiencing,” remarked Keith Durham, Lawrenceburg, TN mayor.